Art and business has become a important part of my life, born and raise in a business environment in one end and great passion in art create a unique character and mindset.

The experience of up and down in family business give an impact to how i see and process things, i start my own “trade business” in my second year of elementary school.

Working in various magazine in while studying in Visual Communication Design in Petra Christian University give me the opportunity to learn more about design and magazine industry beyond the classroom.

Presented with opportunities handed to me after graduate, from working in a design agency at Jakarta, join family business or becoming a lecturer at my almamater, i choose the 4th choice to challenge my self which is working as a Research and Development in a jewelry company.

My passion and love to design takes me back to my almamater as a lecturer, i teach there for about 3 year while running my own design business.

In 2006 i heard about a new university that have design department but focus on entrepreneurship, so once again i challenge my self to join Universitas Ciputra.

Back then, entrepreneurship is an uncharted island, no one understand about it. Even more, how to combine entrepreneurship with design, nobody ever think seriously about it. We’re the first who developed the concept.

I finished my master degree in strategic management in 2009 to complete my knowledge about business and management, it was a controversial decision and definitely not an easy task but a necessary thing to developed my self.

Juggling between lecturing, finishing my master degree, running my own business, and being a committee in Asosiasi Desain Grafis Indonesia really challenge my time

management ability, i have to create a priority scale. To gain things i have to sacrifice other, one of the thing that i have to sacrifice is being a part of Kauffman Global Faculty 2011.

In 2013 i was presented with another challenging opportunity, a Ph.D scholarship at Malaysia. So i answer the challenge and right now i’m a Ph.D candidate at Awang Had Salleh Malaysia.

My other recent activity is :

1. Head of Department VCD UC.

2. Project Manager of VCD UC Business Unit.

3. Business trainer for Pupuk KalTim, Bontang.

4. Lecturer for VCD subject.

5. Entrepreneurship Fascilitator.

6. Fascilitator for UC business Boot Camp.

7. Talk show “BUSINESS CREATIVE” profile at Radio Suara Surabaya FM.


9. Speaker for “Young Entrepreneur” SBO TV program.

 you can reach me at