Hi! My name is Quina Reivaldi Limantara, or you can call me Rei. I’m a business, art and design enthusiast and my passion is researching, exploring, experimenting, creating, innovating, finding new solutions to existing problems and looking for problems that need solutions. Then using the design skill as media to address those things. Talking about passion, it means a strong emotion for someone to something. Through passion, people would eager to do whatever it takes, even at considerable sacrifice.

Well, basically I graduated from Bachelor of Business Management International at Ciputra University, Surabaya. Loved it! I found it fun, full of exciting practices. Through the entrepreneurial methods that they applied, I could gain so much unexpected experiences. I was managing $200K worth event with 350 students, which is unbeliveable. Also, through college I trained to innovating, organizing, maintaining, supervising and developing a start-up businesses. College life was like a roller coaster but in extraordinary way.

Since I was little, I learnt art and design autodidactically. Then, I flew to United Kingdom to obtain more knowledge in my specialism, which is art and design. Here I took my Masters Degree in Visual Communication at Birmingham City University, Birmingham. Studying here helped me develop my own style and helped me to mature in my work and self-development. I acquired portfolios, captured wider perspective and broader understanding about my specialsm.

As an open minded person, I always dreaming about having a place to gather all business, art and design enthusiast. I would like to empower them to reach their’s preeminent potential, which pottentially could innovating something brilliant that would change the world. Therefore, when I got the opportunity to join Ciputra University as their lecturer. I took that chance to initiate what I dreamed of. I would do my best with all the lesson I learnt formerly to assist students. I love when the classes are fun and full exciting activities.