Born in 1990, Evan Raditya Pratomo A.K.A. PAPERCAPTAIN is a Malang (East Java, Indonesia) resident and contemporary illustrator with exceptional skills in applying different techniques of illustration. His adroitness ranges across children’s book illustration, state-of-the-art ukiyo-e, urban pop, to ornamental embellishment.

Evan was the only Indonesian artist featured in the Adobe Photoshop’s 25th Anniversary campaign. His artwork for the said campaign was exhibited at Adobe MAX 2015, the world’s leading creativity conference in Los Angeles, California. In April 2015, he was appointed the youngest guest speaker at Leipzig Book Fair 2015 along with several other Indonesian authors and illustrators. Moreover, one of the proudest achievements is when Paramount Pictures asked him to make an alternative movie poster for Ghost In The Shell movie in 2016 and invited him to movie setting in New Zealand along with other Artists they chose. Even though Evan wanders through various subjects and colors in Illustration, he never forgets his roots as children book Illustrator and it was proven when he make King Kenny picture book, commissioned by Liverpool Football Club to celebrate 125th Liverpool Anniversary in April, 2018.