Since Highschool I’ve been working as a freelance Graphic Designer and working on a customizeable t-shirt business with my parents and then I goes to VCD UC learning about Visual Communication Design and Entrepreneurship which contribute greatly to my Design Skills, Organizing Skills, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. After Graduating from VCD at 2014 I continued to work as a freelancer and try a lot of others things too such as Culinary School, Travel Youtuber, even working as a manager at one of Japanese Restaurant In Surabaya

After a long of time doing other things, I decided to improve my design educations which is lead to to take a magister program of Creative Industry Design in National Cheng Kun University, Tainan, Taiwan for two years
For me Passion alone isnt enough, I believe that my hobbies and skill has to be usefull to other people and has to keep improving. This is why I came back to VCD UC so I can be a service, to motivate, to inspire younger generations so they can keep improving their potential