Universitas Ciputra in partnership with Apple Inc. is looking to expand the impact of Apple Developer Academy in Indonesia. We are current hiring highly motivated trainers (learning facilitators) for the 2nd site of Apple Developer Academy located at Universitas Ciputra, CitraLand, Surabaya.

The teaching team at the Apple Developer Academy is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds with industry experience, and/or academic experience The Academy works at a fast pace and requires everyone to be highly self-motivated. Successful candidates need to be critical and flexible thinkers.


You will work with the entire team to create new, fully integrated, cross-curricular learning experiences for the students at the Apple Developer Academy. You must be excited about exploring new teaching styles and pedagogy. You will be expected to learn alongside your students. You will be expected to work with an extended team to build a strong collection of the best teaching practices and materials including creating technical solutions for use in-house by students, teachers and administrators of the Apple Developer Academy. You will also contribute to the success of the Foundation programs by bringing an engaging orientation experience for learners who are new to Swift and the iOS platform.


Imagine what you could do as part of a team preparing a generation of world class App developers who will go on to redefine the way we think about technology in our lives. Applicants must have a desire to change the world. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there is no telling what you could accomplish.

The Academy aims to inspire and train the next generation of app developers on the iOS, WatchOS, tvOS, and MacOS.  The 9 months experience will challenge and inspire students through a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning, and provide students with the skills and experiences to realise their app ideas and bring them to market on the App Store.

Apple Developer Academy Facilitator

The ideal candidate has broad industry experience in mobile development and exposure to iOS, Watch OS, and/or TV OS platform. Candidates should be able to identify Apps that are live in the App Store, which authored by the candidate alone or as part of a development team. The candidate has good knowledge of the programming languages in Swift and/or Objective-C. We are looking to hire candidates with combination of strong technical skills and teaching ability.

Key Qualifications

  • Solid knowledge of secure coding practices and experience with open source technologies.
  • Experience with service oriented architecture and REST based services.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL
  • Experience with IDEs including Eclipse and ideally Xcode
  • Experience with build and deployment tools, e.g., Git, Maven, Gradle, etc
  • Experience with OO design and implementation
  • Proven experience developing object oriented software and using a broad range of tools
  • Programming experience in one or more of JAVA, C++, Objective-C and Swift.
  • Experience working in Agile teams and other development methodologies
  • Exposure to developing software with Scrum Methodology as team member

Link Registrasi : http://bit.ly/careeratUC2019