For international students from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, and Hong Kong wishing to study in Indonesia, there are some fundamental differences in the higher education system that need to be addressed. Indonesian higher education system does not have A levels or foundation courses, which implies students graduated from secondary or high school can directly apply to any undergraduate programmes in a university.

The undergraduate programme in Indonesia is a four-year degree. In the four years full-time study, students will complete a minimum of 144 semester credits. To complete a degree at a university level, students must undertake a substantial project or dissertation during the final year of study. For this reasons, the Bachelor Degree offered at Universitas Ciputra is equivalent to a Bachelor Degree with Honours in the UK, Ireland, and Europe In the Indonesian higher education system, the use of Latin honours attached to a degree refers to the level of distinction with which and academic degree has been obtained. An academic transcript will contain student’s GPA with 4.0 scale and the use of Latin honours attached to a degree.


International students can apply to pmb.uc.ac.id and are required to upload the following
• Recent Photo
• Copy of valid passport
• Copy of High School transcript and certificate
• Health Certificate
• Statement of Unemployment
• Statement of Compliance with Regulations & No Politics
• Letter of Guarantee

Indonesian applicants can apply online to pmb.uc.ac.id or apply directly to Universitas Ciputra. Applicants need to submit the required documents and take part in the entry test according to the chosen program.

For students from INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, HOMESCHOOLING, or KEJAR PAKET C must submit the graduation certificate / equivalent diploma upon registration.