Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is the activity to make the computer understand the human language, so after it understand the language we can determine the best feedback / action, but this feedback also need to be understandable by the human language.

Natural language processing applied in many domain across the industry. The Natural language Processing different with Natural Language Understanding. Natural language understanding is the subset of NLP, it just limit the way that machine understand the meaning of text/document. The application of NLP is in the domain of information retrieval, search engine query, machine translation, word object recognition etc.

NLP have some steps, the steps are :

Lexical Analysis

Analysis try to identify and recognize the word from body of text (doucment). Lexicon analysis have meaning collection of words or phrases in a language. It divide whole chuck of text into word, sentence and it’s mark.

Syntactic Analysis

It analysis of words in the sentence for it’s grammar and arranging words in a manner that shows the relationship among the words. The sentence such as “The cloud see the boy ” is rejected by Regular english syntactic analyzer for example

Semantic Analysis

Semantic mean the activity of getting meaning from text. So Semantic analysis is analyze the meaning of the text / sentence in the document. The semantic done it’s job by mapping syntactic structure and object in the task domain.

Discourse integration

Analyze the meaning of the sentence from the sentence before it. Because the meaning of any sentence being determined by the last sentence. It also brings about the meaning of immediately succeeding sentence.

Pragmatic Analysis

The pragmatic analysis is the analysis of the word meaning base on the context. Because the meaning of word can be different in different context of situation and condition. The PA analysis make the analysis so that the meaning of the word is mean to be in that kind of context.