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As a pioneer university in Business and Entrepreneurship in Indonesia, International Business Management Universitas Ciputra – International Class (IBM-IC UC) has put interests in students across
Indonesia and abroad. They only have one purpose: To be an Entrepreneur!

What things will you get in IBM-IC UC?

  1. Entrepreneurial campus environment
  2. Committed lecturers in academics and
  3. Combination of lecturers: academics and real
    entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur in residence)
  4. Entrepreneurial experience
  5. Experience-based learning system
  6. International reputation u0026amp; experience
  7. Strong alumnae networks

The mission of IBM UC is to transform students into entrepreneurial individuals, able to create value for themselves and community through the best education system.

transform students into entrepreneurial individuals, able to create value for
themselves and community through the best education system.

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IBM UC students have skills and mindsets of an entrepreneur. Through proper and integrated learning process, entrepreneurship becomes a culture here in the UC campus environment.

This is formed by curriculums and student activities that are inseparable from business worlds.

These are a couple of unique courses in IBM UC:

  • Business Inspiring
  • Entrepreneurial Project
  • Business Insight
  • Business Execution
  • Business Community
  • Integrated Real Business Practice
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At IBM UC, the diversity of student backgrounds, a dynamic curriculum, and the opportunity to study abroad make students have a holistic perspective and international network.

Students will also be equipped with leadership and life skill abilities, which are the main provisions in becoming an entrepreneur. IBM UC students come from all around Indonesia and abroad. In addition, IBM UC students also have the option to add global insight with an integrated curriculum through:

  • Short Course Program at the University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Student Exchange Program at SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University, South Korea
  • Double Degree Program at Swinburne Institute of Technology, Australia
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IBM UC prepares students to become entrepreneurs. Most of the students and graduates that had independent businesses have proven that IBM UC graduates are ready to become entrepreneurs who contribute to the progress of the nation. Through a sustainable program owned by UC, IBM UC students and alumni can take advantage of several facilities such as:

  • Business Incubator Program for start-up business
  • Start-up business funding through UC partners: Bank Mandiri and Bank Jatim
  • Business Clinique for businesses that are growing

Business Community that includes Entrepreneurs in UC Residence