Creating World Class Entrepreneurs

International Class - IBM IC

Entrepreneur practice

Inspiring and forming students into entrepreneurs through project based learning, real expert mentoring, networking, and incubation processes for scale up funding

Inspiring & community

Presenting proven entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs to share their skills and experiences to encourage students to become members of certain associations according to the line of business they are running

Entrepreneur insight

Our program will open our students global business mindset and insight, so when running their businesses, students have clear vision far ahead (think global, act local).

Program Information

The path of studying at International Business Management International Program is committed to producing graduates with business and management skills with entrepreneurial leadership focus enabling our graduates to grasp and create opportunities, have global and independent mindset, innovative and creative leaders, and able to calculate risks in establishing sustainable values and employment.


Our Ciputra University vision is Creating World Class Entrepreneurs and therefore our program curriculum is designed to ensure our graduates are having that skills, mindset, and leadership competencies.
  • Civics, students will learn to internalize the national and state life values into the context of everyday life, from the smallest scope to the national and state scope. (2 SKS)
  • Entrepreneurship Essentials, students will learn to utilize their entrepreneurial competencies to contribute positive values to the community. (3 SKS)
  • Business Management, through experiential-based learning, students will learn to utilize their entrepreneurial competencies to contribute positive values to the community. (3 SKS)
  • Principles of Accounting, in this module, students will learn to apply basic concepts of accounting by creating proper financial statements for service and trading companies in accordance with the Guidelines for Financial Accounting Standards. (3 SKS)
  • Business Inspiring and Communication, through this module, students will learn to present their ideas in a business context both verbally and in writing. (3 SKS)
  • Economics for Business, upon completion of this module, students will be able to analyse the economy using the concept of micro and macro scale economics individually or in groups and present their analysis in the form of economic infographics. (4 SKS)
  • Entrepreneurial Venture Creation, students are encouraged to identify local and global business opportunities and to turn them into business ideas. Students will also learn to validate business ideas based on the market and financial aspects. (5 SKS)
  • Financial Management, explain the basic concepts and functions of financial management, determine investment decisions on valuable assets, simulate capital requirements and determine capital costs. (3 SKS)
  • Indonesian Language, students will learn to communicate values found in texts written in Indonesian through the process of analysis and appreciation. (2 SKS)
  • International Business, develop a basic understanding of the concept of globalization and cultural differences, identify economic and industrial conditions that apply to international business in relation with the international business. (3 SKS)
  • Marketing Management, understand the Importance of marketing for the company’s progress, marketing trend of the 21st Century, analyze consumers. (3 SKS)
  • Entrepreneurial Venture Execution, students will learn to execute every business functions and to adopt the proper technology. (5 SKS)
  • Cost Management, understand the basic concepts of management accounting and cost accounting for manufacturing companies. (4 SKS) 
  • Human Capital Management, understand the general description, functions and theoretical background of human capital management, design and apply human capital management functions to their businesses. (4 SKS)
  • Operation Management, find and present solutions to management and business problems, do an in-depth examination of the pillars of company management, which consist of HR, operational, marketing and financial functions. (3 SKS)
  • Pancasila, comparison and evaluation of various contexts, students will be able to appreciate the values in Pancasila and to internalize its values into the context of everyday life, from the smallest scope to the national and state scope. (2 SKS)
  • Consumer Behaviour, explain the introduction of consumer behaviour and marketing strategies, identify the affective and cognitive aspects of consumer behaviour and its marketing strategies. (3 SKS)
  • Budgeting, understand the basic concepts of budgeting and budget roles in the company, collect data to compile a budget for sales projections, production plans, operational costs, compile sales. (4 SKS)
  • Statistics for Business, designed to help students to acquire the basic knowledge regarding the importance of mastering statistical methods to support business success based on the availability of real data in the field. (4 SKS)
  • Becoming Indonesia, students are encouraged to appreciate and internalise the concept of “Being Indonesia” in the context of
    diversity, the wealth of natural resources and their utilisations in the context of everyday life from the smallest scope to the
    national and state scope. (2 SKS)
  • Elective Course of Cluster 1-Exploring Entrepreneurship, understand the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and imitate entrepreneurial mindset including character and skills of successful individuals and corporate professionals. (3 SKS)
  • Elective Course of Cluster 1-Family Business, identify and understand the theoretical framework of family business, analyse existing family-based corporations in Indonesia. (3 SKS)
  • Export Import Management, understand international trade of exports and imports, directly observe an international trade activities through field trips and export/import training, analyse market needs, desires and expectations. (3 SKS)
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation for Sustainability, students will be able to carry out business functions professionally and sustainably through acquiring additional resources, understanding the company’s values and to carry out such operations in a professional and sustainable manner with a clear legality. (5 SKS)
  • Organisational Behaviour, understand the importance of organizational behaviour theoretical concepts, thus able to perceive diversity as an advantage to develop an organisation, understand how to develop their emotional intelligence and to apply it as a way to better understand their individual personality and the personality of others and to create self-adhering values that can motivate themselves to contribute positively in the work group. (3 SKS)
  • Elective Course of Cluster 2-Entrepreneurial Financem,  understand the benefits of standard entrepreneurial financial methods and techniques ranging from business ideas to harvesting, analyse and evaluate alternative financing sources (bootstrap financing), understand, analyze, apply and making an early stage ventures value evaluation. (3 SKS)
  • Elective Course of Cluster 3-Global Marketing Strategy,  students are able to identify economic, social, political, technological and industrial conditions on the global scale. (3 SKS)
  • Marketing Research & Strategy, understand the concepts of research and marketing strategies, prepare implementation plans based on the concept of a marketing strategy framework, implement marketing strategies, and evaluate the overall implementation of such marketing strategies. (3 SKS)
  • Business Growth, be aware of a company’s position by mapping business performance based on the 4 aspects of management
    functions, present their company’s position (business performance) in a written format, find internal and external factors of the company which contribute to the company’s competitive advantages and formulate a corporate strategy in the form of a blueprint. (4 SKS)
  • Risk & Investment Management, explain basic concepts in risk management and investment, compile investment portfolios, explain investment instruments, analyse solutive problems and actions related to the risk management process. (4 SKS)
  • Research Methodology, understand scientific research material and ethics in conducting research, plan scientific research stages, and prepare a research proposal. (3 SKS)
  • Religion, students will be able to appreciate the concept of faith, devotion and humanity through the process of analyzing, comparing and evaluating important issues related to Indonesia’s current condition. (2 SKS)
  • International Corporate Strategy, understand the concept of strategy and the environment that influences it, understand the capabilities and objectives of the company’s strategy,
    understand the influence of culture and strategy in the organization. (4 SKS)
  • Integrated Real Business Practice (Internship), review their business performance and their contribution to the apprenticeship company, review whether the designed Strategy can be applied in their business, translate strategies into short-term tactics. (4 SKS)
  • Management Information System, understand the information system within the business and how it influences the future strategy of the business, identify the documentations and tools used required to design the system. (3 SKS)
  • Service Management, explain the concept of services (products, consumers, and service markets), propose a positioning strategy for service companies in a competitive markets and explain the 4P / 7P of marketing services. (3 SKS)
  • Strategic Management, understand the basic concepts of strategy, management strategies and explore examples of their application in everyday life associated with business. (3 SKS)
  • Business Insight and Ethics on Community, present the results of attending seminars held by the national community, present the success and failure stories of companies / entrepreneurs. (4 SKS)
  • Cross Culture Management, understand the concept of culture, discuss and solve business problems influenced by cultural differences. (3 SKS)
  • Final Project, students will be able to find solutions to business problems and entrepreneurship by applying scientific methods as outlined in the publication of scientific papers. (5 SKS)

new event

Indonesian International Student Mobility is the Government of Republic of Indonesia scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian students for mobility program at top Universities overseas.

Undergraduate students could spend one semester (4-6 months) at the overseas partner university to study courses outside their major, to develop intercultural communication and leadership skills, experience the host country’s culture and to develop international network.

The scheme is centrally managed by Directorate General Higher Education, Research and Technology (DGHERT), Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (MOECRT) and open for undergraduate students from all Indonesian higher education institutions under DGHERT.

Contact for registration: 082233788404 Ms. Len


1st Place in the National Business Plan Competition – Padjajaran University

1st Place Global Entrepreneurship Forum for Young Asian Thought

3rd place in the 2014 Indonesia Stock Exchange Competition

3rd place winner BNI Co-Creators 2014: Marketing Plan ContestContestLeaders

Our International

We are creating world class entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs by establishing strategic partnership with reputable world class universities to enhance our studens international business and management skills, global mindset, and networks. Several programs are provided including Joint/Dual Degree,  Study Abroad, Immersion, Summer, Students Exchange, Joint Research Projects, Faculty Exchange and others. The prominent partners are not limited to Coventry University (UK), IESEC School of Management (Paris, France), Swinburne University and Macquarie University (Australia), California State University in EastBay, State University of New York in Albany, University of Washington in Seattle (USA), Solbridge Business School (Korea), University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), and other reputable universities in Malaysia, Taiwan, and so on. By having many programs all of our students can therefore select which program will be suitable for them.

Corporate Activities 2020

Our Online Learning (Students Testimony)

English Preparation Program

The purpose of the course program is to equip the students with the effective strategies to do the TOEFL and achieve the highest score possible. Even the improvement of the score varies according to the students’ aptitude and efforts, the MAIN purpose of this course is to prepare the new IBM-IC students academically to be ready to learn all the subjects which are delivered in English.

Enhancing Students' Experience

Four of our IBM IC students will join the Study Abroad Program on this coming September 2021 semester in Europe (Italy and Hungary).

“I am very grateful to have chosen this campus and the many experiences that I got here.”

Through the Entrepreneurship module, I learned to become an entrepreneur without being confined with learning from textbooks, but through real world practice and guidance from the facilitators I started my Sushi business in 2009 during my 4th semester at UC. Now, Peco-Peco Sushi have grown to 24 outlets in more than 10 major cities in Indonesia.