Immanuel Osijo


Immanuel Ustradi Osijo is an expert and has a strong experience in tourism and transportation. He once become a store clerk, salesman, advertising marketing, copy writer and even night bus driver before. He is currently the owner of the Kirana Tours (PT. Kirana Anugerah Terindah) which moving in Indonesia and Vietnam.

He also the owner of Kembang Turi Batu restaurant which is started from four seats at 1995 and increasing become 400 seats nowadays. He is the owner of BPR KIRANA ( still in process of changing the status from Koperasi Wanita Kirana Simpan Pinjam). Always having innovation, he is now building his new business as an owner of Angkasa Air Indonesia (charter flight).

Immanuel Ustradi Osijo is also a founder of 24 Creative Event Organizer. He is the national speaker for Tourism Entreprenuer. He who likes to play guitar and piano and also loves to cook, is also the premium/private tour Leader for Europe, Hollyland and Japan. He is now still  driving a big bus wherever he are and open himself to be ready as TUKANG LADEN (Pelayan) to anyone.
FB : Immanuel Osiyo

Specialties :

  • Tourism
  • International Tourism Geography
  • Food and Beverages
  • Advertising Design
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality Service

Subjects :

  • International Tourism Geography

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