Universitas Ciputra accepts the registration of foreign nationals as students following the requirements stated below:

  1. Registering as a new (freshman) student of Universitas Ciputra
  2. Taking the selection test
  3. Resolving financial administration obligations
  4. Submitting the following requirements for the application of Indonesian study permit:
    1. A passport scan which is valid for the next 24 months after the start of the Academic Year, at minimum
    2. 4×6 size pass-photo
    3. Health certificate from a hospital
    4. Financing Guarantee Letter (form provided by Universitas Ciputra)
    5. Statement of National Regulatory Compliance and non-Political Activism (form provided by Universitas Ciputra)
    6. Statement of Non-Working Status (form provided by Universitas Ciputra)
    7. High School Diploma
  5. Application of study permit shall be managed by Universitas Ciputra
  6. Following the issuance of the study permit by the Ministry of Education and Culture, prospective student must re-register