Become a Master of Management Study Program that is able to produce Masters in management who have integrity, professional, entrepreneurial skills (IPE) and world-class businesses who are able to give big positive impacts on the nation by 2022.


  1. Organizing, managing and encouraging the implementation of the tridarma of higher education (education and teaching, research, and community service) in the fields of management, business and entrepreneurship with international quality standards.
  2. Manage and run the masters of management study program in an entrepreneurial manner by holding the principles of credibility, transparency, accountability, responsibility, and fairness (governance) that are effective through mutually agreed mechanisms and can maintain and accommodate all elements, functions, and roles in the study program.


  1. Become a Master of Management Study Program that focuses on Family Managed Business and Corporate Entrepreneurship through education, research and community service based on management, business, Family Business, and Corporate Entrepreneurship.
  2. Becoming a Master of Management Study Program that is managed entrepreneurially.
  3. Become a quality Master of Management Study Program with international standard.