Ciputra University Postgraduate has a goal to produce a Master of Management graduate, as follows:

Family Managed Business Outcomes:

This program is specifically designed for founders and successors of family companies to be able to manage, ensure the continuity and development of their family businesses, and be able to make new innovations. They are expected to be able to adopt the strengths of the company’s founders, anticipate potential conflicts and formulate preventive measures, and lead the company towards strategic development both financially and non-financially and can synergize the dynamics that occur between the family and the businesses.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Outcomes:

This program is specifically designed for professionals to improve entrepreneurial competence in order to be able to create value in corporations or to make corporations a driving force for business development.

Management Expert Outcomes:

This program is specifically designed for fresh graduates to improve management competencies so that they are experts in managing business and professionals at the managerial level.


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