The Postgraduate program of Universitas Ciputra was founded in 2011, with a single study program: Master of Management in Entrepreneurship with an entrepreneurial spirit. This study program was formed as a manifestation in supporting the National Entrepreneurship Movement (GKN) which was launched on February 2, 2012. President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has determined this movement as one of the important solutions to advance the nation’s competitiveness. The Universitas Ciputra postgraduate readily welcomed the GKN by preparing a curriculum along with the teachers and other resources needed to organize a postgraduate learning program in order to create students with integrity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Many undergraduate education graduates in Indonesia who are now working either as private employees, civil servants (PNS), or entrepreneurs feel the need to have an entrepreneurial mindset so that they can be competitive in the global market. In the daily “Kompas” (2002), in a discussion titled “Economic Development: Does Entrepreneurship Matter?” which was held by Ernst and Young in Jakarta released a report stating that 90% of Indonesian entrepreneurs are executives running family businesses, and generally they are the second generation of the families operating the business. The dilemma is, even though they occupy the top leadership positions in the company, the final decision is still held by the parents, especially the father as the founder of the company. Because the final decision was in the hands of the father as the founder of the company, in the end many young Indonesian entrepreneurs only carried out his father’s orders rather than carrying out the ideals that had existed in their own minds. When the father is gone, the family business is usually no longer as prosperous as when it was run by the founder himself. Or in other words, it can be said that the regeneration process is not going as well as expected.

On the other hand, the growth of family businesses or large corporations really needs qualified intrapreneurs to respond to problems faced by companies such as the need for innovation. Intrapreneurs or employees who have an entrepreneurial mindset always act and carry out professionalism that is directed at exploiting business opportunities in order to create or increase added value for their company.

At the national and state levels, to be able to win global competitions, a government must be able to properly grasp the opportunities that arise from changes at the local and global levels. An entrepreneurial government must be able to translate these opportunities into a business idea and then realize them into “value-creating activities”, namely creating prosperity and improving the quality and standard of living of its people – increasing per capita gross income, increasing health standards, increasing education levels. , etc.

The Master of Management study program, which is run by Universitas Ciputra, provides opportunities for learning participants to choose two areas of concentration, namely family business (Family Managed Business), especially for entrepreneurs who want to or have continued a family business or have just started their business, and Corporate Entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) for professional employees who work in the world of national and multi-national corporations.

Program Advantages

  • To scale-up the sustainability of business
    Emphasizing learning not only on how to start a business (start-up business) but more on how to develop an existing business (to scale-up the business) in order to grow sustainably.
  • Entrepreneurial Inspiring
    Inviting entrepreneurs from various fields (9 industrial sectors) as resource experts who can share knowledge, experience, and inspiration for participants in running a business.
  • Entrepreneurial Execution
    Learning and training in doing business does not only extend to the business plan but is immediately applied from the beginning in the Entrepreneurial Project course so that personal habits and experience are created to run a business.
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship
    Business learning and provision for business continuity that continues to grow better from time to time.
  • Project Based
    Sharpen the ability of participant entrepreneurs to face future businesses through understanding the real and actual business cases.
  • Real Business Solution
    Held every month as an event to build business and network solution capabilities for participants directly in companies attended by CEOs / managers.
  • Exhibition Innovative Corner
    A forum for participants to directly practice their business to the public.
  • Mentoring
    Participants receive direct mentoring with experts.

How to check if University X majoring Y has A / B / C accreditation?

There are quite a lot of websites that can help display the information, the official one is, just enter the name of the college and press search. After you have the data, don’t hesitate to ask the university representatives about the accreditation status for verification and discuss whether the department is not yet ready to get higher accreditation.

Choose a university that fits your dreams / future hopes, what major is suitable, and which university concept is suitable. Accreditation is a small part of the decision to choose a university and there are many other things that are much more important.


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