The Global Challenges Ahead

‘Half of recent college grads work on jobs that don’t require a degree’(United States) – William McGuinness – The Huffington Post January 29, 2013

‘Half of recent UK graduates stuck in non-graduate jobs’ (United Kingdom)- Katie Allen – The Guardian November 19, 2013

‘In 1970, less than 1% of taxi drivers had college degrees. Four decades later, more than 15% do

(every 1 of 7 taxi drivers have college degree) – Richard Vedder and Christopher Denhart – The Wall Street Journal January 8, 2014

Dr. Ir. Ciputra

Will you consider Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931) as a Great Inventor or a Great Entrepreneur? He patented almost 1.100 patents and also started Edison Electric Company at the age of 32 (1879). It was the embryo of General Electric, the 9th largest company of the world with over 315,000 employees, revenue of US$ 131.7 billion and a profit of US$ 14.1 billion.

The combination of his technical genius and entrepreneurial spirit has impacted the quality of live of the human-kind significantly. Indeed, he has made our world a better place to live.

Thomas Alva Edison was not just a great inventor, but he was also a great entrepreneur. We need more people like Edison for our country, those who can build up the enterprises using their specific technical talent.

It is my vision and it is the vision of Universitas Ciputra to found the best University with the entrepreneurial spirit lighted in every soul and every corner of the University.

We believe that the present world and the future world need all the entrepreneurs who have a burning entrepreneurial spirit, excellent characters and who will be able to be global players. Surely it needs all the hard work to educate and to prepare them and we are committed to do so. May God bless our plan.

Harun Hajadi

We live in an era that can not be separated from Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is in all areas of our lives. At present the spirit of Entrepreneurship does not live solely in the business world, it is in the schools, hospitals, as well as in the government offices, and even in the non profit organizations.

Entrepreneurship skill is a strategic key factor for the success of any organization, small or big, public or private, profit or not-for-profit, local or global. It is a common understanding that Entrepreneurship is an important criterion to experience a sustainable future.

In Universitas Ciputra, Entrepreneurship education is not just a specific academic subject or a specific department but entrepreneurship education and training will be integrated in all our curricular and co-curricular activities.

We want to inspire entrepreneurial dream and promote entrepreneurial initiative to all our students and our society. We have the conviction that entrepreneurship is a crucial solution for the future of our young generation. This is what we firmly believe and this is what we are striving for.