Requirements for the GOLDEN GATE PROGRAM from undergraduate to Masters in Management, Universitas Ciputra:

  1. Intended for all undergraduate graduates from various universities and from various study programs with a minimum accreditation of B.
  2. Matriculation classes must be taken before the S1 graduation. Matriculation classes are MANDATORY for prospective students who are non-linear.
  3. Requirements for undergraduate GPA is ≥ 3.25 and having passed at least 132 credits.
  4. Matriculation Courses:
  • Introduction to Management
  • Introduction to Micro and Macro
  • Introduction to Financial Management
  1. The applicable study fee is the fee that applies when registering, with the condition of that the student must pass in a maximum time frame of 9 semesters.


Program Studi S2 Magister Manajemen:

R.235 Pascasarjana Universitas Ciputra
UC Town, Citraland

Surabaya 60219
Jawa Timur

Office: 031 745 1699
Cell Phone: 0838 493 436 01
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