Distinguished Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum

The early formation of Entrepreneurial Spirit was the fundamental mission and uniqueness of Universitas Ciputra. While other universities are still focused on creating trained workers, Universitas Ciputra focuses in creating job creators.

For 4 years, curriculum teaching in each department is combined with Entrepreneurial Spirit to make it a unique teaching and learning system to improve students’ expertise and soft skills at the same time.

Real Entrepreneurial Experiences

The teaching model of Universitas Ciputra is to present real-world situation in every campus activity. Similar to a living laboratory, Universitas Ciputra trains its students to deal directly with real cases in an industry and organization setting within the Ciputra Group and its business network.

With the Problem Based and Project Based Learning (PBL) systems, students’ Entrepreneurship skills are honed through projects based on real problems. This system encourages students to think creatively in order to create new creations.

Mentoring Program with Real Business Experts and Practitioners

In accordance with its vision, Universitas Ciputra appreciates its alumni in the form of capital assistance & mentoring. The mentoring process is always given to students and the Business Incubator helps students focus in learning Entrepreneurship without the fear of major failure.

The Foundation will also provide Capital Assistance using a Venture Capital scheme to selected final-level Student Business Innovation Proposals in order to benefit young Entrepreneurs in starting their businesses.

National and International Networks of Ciputra Group

Ciputra Group’s business activities have created a network of very beneficial cooperation. The network of local and international companies and organizations covers various types of industries such as real estate, manufacturing, service and telecommunications, as well as media and profit and non-profit organizations. In addition to industrial networks, Universitas Ciputra has also cooperated with educational institutions both domestic and abroad, and also with organizations engaged in the development of entrepreneurship.

Through this collaboration, students will have the opportunity to practice and even develop their networks to pioneer companies in the future.

Cross Major Entrepreneurial Projects, Cross Study Programs

The teaching team at Universitas Ciputra consists of lecturers who are competent in their fields as well as possessing an Entrepreneurial spirit. Some teachers are even Entrepreneurs in their fields. The combination of these two competencies will enable students to gain academic knowledge that is already mixed with the Entrepreneurial spirit that can be directly practiced in real life.