In the process of recruiting prospective employees, the Ciputra Group has never collected any fees either directly or through third parties. Every prospective employee who gets a job offer from Ciputra Group will follow a formal recruitment process from the project / party recruiting.

We urge job seekers to be careful in the recruitment process by examining the data / information submitted in the recruitment process.

Job Vacancies at Universitas Ciputra include:


FULL TIME Lecturer in the field of:

No Faculty
1 Medicine
2 Culinary Business
3 Tourism
4 Product Design & Fashion Business
5 Management – S1 & S2
6 Management – S1; Makassar Placement
7 Food Technology
8 Informatics Engineering – Game Development
9 Visual Communication Design

General qualifications for lecturers in all fields are:

  • Minimum education of Strata 2 or Strata 3,
    in relevant majors
  • Having an Academic Position (JAKA)
    Lecturers preferred
  • Individuals experienced in working for
    institutions / industries related to study
    programs will be preferred
  • Has a high “Intrapreneurship” spirit
  • Has integrity
  • Compatible for teamwork

B. Non-FULL TIME Lecturers in the fields of: