Foreign Student

Foreign student is a student originally from outside Indonesia and studying in Universitas Ciputra. Foreign Student can follow learning activity in Universitas Ciputra by fulfill document requirements below to have study permit:

  • Recent coloured passport photo 4×6
  • Copy of passport (maximum 6 months before expired) example
  • Financial statement example
  • Medical statement example
  • Statement letter to obey academic regulations example
  • Statement letter for: obey the regulation and the law in Indonesia, not involved in any political action, and not to do any paid job in Indonesia example
  • Letter of acceptance from university

Foreign student who has study permit, must extend the permit before it expired. Student must fulfill the document requirement below:

  • All documents mentions above
  • Academic transcript
  • Study permit recommendation letter from Universitas Ciputra example
  • Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS) and Indonesia Police Report Letter (SKLD)

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