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Education process in Universitas Ciputra Surabaya using semester credit semester (SKS) needs academic administration, which is neat, orderly, and centralized. Academic administration bureau, as supporting department in academic administration, work in coordinating all activities related to the implementation of education process, starts from students registration until the graduation of the students. Academic administration bureau located on 2nd floor, room 203 Universitas Ciputra Surabaya

In general, the main job of academic administration bureau is coordinating all activities related to education process. Academic administration bureau has some service to the students:

  • Administration and data collection for new students
  • Registration for new and old students
  • Lectures and examination service
  • Score administration, graduation certificate, and graduation ceremony
  • In order to do the activities, academic administration bureau supervised under Vice Rector of Academics and work with academic faculty/academic major and supporting department

One of the administration services which student can contact academic administration bureau is student reference letter, like active student reference letter, reference letter for making visa, reference letter for residence permit, and other reference letter which students need.

New student registration held 2 times in a year, on June and January. Students will be officially become Universitas Ciputra Surabaya student after get student numbers on registration period and will get course package for 1st semester.

Students could go to academic administration bureau office if need more information about academic process. The friendliness of academic administration bureau staff will help students to get information they needed