Head of Accounting Department

Graduated from Monash University, Melbourne in 2005 undertaking Master of Business Accounting, in 2009 was priviledged to follow Global Kauffman Visitors (GKV) in Kauffman Foundation, Missouri-USA for 5.5 months and graduated from Widya mandala University completing Bachelor of Economics in 2002.Kompetensi Akademis: more of number person (Intro to Accounting, Cost Management, MIS, Math for Business) but wish to balance her right side brain to teach International Business or more other fun subjects. (Don’t get me wrong, I love numbers and doesn’t mean that number subjects aren’t interesting).


  1. Intellectual Entrepreneurship Dissemination through Hands-On Entrepreneurship Education System and Its applicability in Real Time New Ventures Creation in Universitas Ciputra ITB, 05-07 July 2012.
  2. Accounting and Financial Mathematics Teaching and Learning Method’s Role using Game, Tacit Knowledge, Concept Mapping and Student Interaction in Escalating Students’ Learning passion and Achieved Learning Competencies, 10-12 May 2012.
  3. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs to win their sustainable competitive advantages within globalization era, November 2010.

Working Experiences:

My passion for children and education has led me to be involved deeper into both fields by becoming a lecturer in universitas Ciputra and it has proven me that my life calling works best under God’s blessing. Several other working experiences were involving meeting many characters and learning about export imports as well as financial consulting.


To be elected as one of first GKV batch has broaden my insights and network extentions as the mind blowing experiences allowed me to learn about so many new things, meeting incredible smart & talented people.

Another humble achievement would be being a lecturer in Universitas Ciputra for 5 years and going stronger to work within this field as a career and passion in life.

Mentoring business project and able to establish a close connection with my mentees would be another successful I should be grateful about since it always been a wonderful learning experiences for both parties involved.