Tantangan untuk Indonesia

Per Februari 2010, angka pengangguran terbuka mencapai 8,59 juta orang. Sebanyak 1,22 juta orang atau 14,24 persen diantaranya adalah Sarjana. Jumlah pengangguran terbuka berdasarkan riwayat pendidikan tertinggi ditempati oleh pendidikan Diploma I/II/III yang mencapai 15,71 persen dari 8,59 juta pengangguran. Sementara untuk pengangguran lain dengan angka pengangguran total 8,59 juta pengangguran masing-masing adalah lulusan Universitas 14,24 persen, SMK 13,81 persen, SMA 11,9 persen, SMP 7,55 persen, dan SD ke bawah 3,71 persen.

‘Jumlah pengangguran Sarjana meningkat dibandingkan dengan posisi tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Data BPS memperlihatkan, pada Februari dan Agustus 2009, pengangguran Sarjana masing-masing hanya 12,94 persen dan 13,08 persen’ Dr. Rusman Heriawan – Kepala Badan Pusat Statistik, 2010.

Message from Rector :

Ir. Tony Antonio, M.Eng

Welcome to UC

Universitas Ciputra traces its origins to the vision of one of the most famous successful entrepreneur in Asia, Ir. Ciputra, who is convinced that the only passport to the future is through creating world class entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a compulsory subject for all of students in combination with their major study area to instill them with entrepreneurial skills and spirit, such that students posses an entrepreneur mindset even from the first semester. Innovation and Creativity as the soul of the entrepreneur spirit is merged through all the department programs. Varieties of learning and entrepreneurial activities are composed to meet the purpose of the education program. UC applies universally high standard values in the development of academically excellent characters with high capacity building programs and materials.

We believe that through a carefully designed curriculum, the richness of a combined experience, and contextual trainings, the student will become a competent entrepreneurial graduate with great character and mindset.

Located in the business and recreation center of CitraLand, the integrated township development in Surabaya, UC tries to provide not only an excellent environment to study but also a great lifestyle for the student and all the university staff and faculty members .

I invite you to learn more about UC’s distinctive approach to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and see the difference for yourself.

Warm regards,

Rector of Universitas Ciputra